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What Is BDaaS?

BDaas is the delivery of data platforms and tools by a cloud provider to help organizations process, manage and analyze large data sets so they can generate insights in order to improve business operations and gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, all online sites and sessions require computation, and at an alarmingly increasing rate. Sessions like visiting websites, gaming, looking at stock market updates, ecommerce app usage etc.

In short, companies compensate data centers to conduct these computations in the form of various digital currencies and assets.

Program Advantages

100% Transparency
With your webportal access, you can view your system performance in real time at all times, manage withdrawal settings and more
We have mastered the model, fine tuned the research and built an AI platform that has produced consistent results with more lucrative innovations to come.
Growing Demand
As the chip crisis continues and the demand for real time analytics, processing and VR expand rapidly, the going rate for computation increases. Meaning more earnings for you!
Passive Earnings
Make money while you sleep as your system generates earnings in exchange for data services performed 24/7
Done For You
System installation, AI Programming, maintenance, earning optimization 100% Done For You! You fund it and let us do all the heavy lifting while you earn!

An Opportunity Backed By Data

The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that the collective sum of the world’s data will grow from 33 zettabytes in 2022 to a 175ZB by 2025. (1 ZB = 1 trillion GB)
IDC predicts nearly 30 percent of the data generated will be consumed in real-time by 2025. Meaning MASSIVE Real-time computation demands!
IDC also predicts by 2024, the amount of data stored in the core (data centers) will be more than double the amount stored in the endpoint(user devices like PCs and Phones)
IDC predicts the average person will have nearly 5,000 digital interactions per day by 2025, up from the 700 to 800 or so that people average today.
The global BDaaS market reached a value of US$ 30.63B in 2021 and is expected to reach US$ 103.31 Billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 22.14% during 2022-2027

Who Do We Compute For?

How It Worx!

1. You Initiate Service

First by signing a service agreement and paying the initial fee

2. We Set Everything Up

That’s installation, AI programming and configuration, web portal setup and maintenance schedule

3. Big Data Services Begin

System will begin conducting computations for our partners in exchange for compensation

4. Withdrawals

Your system will conduct automated withdrawals at least once per month in the available currency of your choosing.

Are You Ready For Your Fully Managed BDaaS System?

You can call us or book time to speak with us and we can answer all your questions and help you get started.

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Start Date
Execute Service Agreement & Payment
Week 1
Your hardware is ordered and in transit
Week 2
We will install and program your system to be fully operational to perform services
Week 2b
Your web portal is set up for you to monitor system performance and configure payout settings
Week 6-7
Your first withdrawal will be processed in the form of your choosing


Results vary, but larger systems can recoup cost  in as little as 4 months while smaller setups can take up to 9. That being said, we cannot confirm nor guarantee what your exact results will be

You will have a customer service email and phone support if you have any questions during the contract period

Once you set up your web portal and withdraw settings you're all set. The systems will just do their work and payout monthly

Yes, when working with us, you own the hardware. If you ever wish to discontinue services, we can ship the hardware right to your door

Within month 1. It takes up to 14 day to get everything set up and once that’s done the system will be generating earnings right away

You can withdraw assets from your system in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD coin to any compatible wallet address

Currently our data centers are located in Phoenix AZ, and Dallas TX with more coming soon